“The Gateway to the Mother Lode”

EUREKA!! 2016 World Gold Panning Championship

The World Gold Panning Championships 2016 will be in Placerville, California. The heart of the Mother Lode will come alive with gold panners from September 11-18, 2016.

The El Dorado County Fair Grounds will look like the gold rush that started in 1848 when James Marshall discovered gold in the tail races of his lumber mill, just a few miles away in Coloma, along the South Fork of the American River.

An international community will be panning away and enjoying spirited competition to find out who is the King or Queen of the gold panning world. Check us out on Facebook.

We invite you to take our survey. We’d like to know what you would like to do when you get here. It’s short, but will be very helpful to us: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/3PKJ8Q9

Plan now to come to Placerville, California, Gateway to the Mother Lode, in September of 2016 and pan for the Championship!

Picture of dirt road at Cronan Ranch, El Dorado County, California, World Gold Panning Championships 2016

Tracks at Cronan Ranch